About Me,

Reena Subba

Reena Subba was born and raised up in the eastern Nepal. After her high school education she moved to London where she studied IT. In 2010, at the middle of the recession, she completed her degree and started her professional life.

London was just not enough for her. She quickly realized that she has to do more than she is doing right now. She then decided to find ways. Her quench for success didn’t limit her to fly to the United States of America in 2013. The land of opportunity soon turned out to be a big turnover in her life. She started as an IT Professional but landed up being multi-talented professional handling over a wide spectrum. Apart from being a full time IT professional, she is a successful model, an entrepreneur, and a motivational influencer.

While having a full-time paid IT professional job, she still hops into modeling with various agencies across. She strongly felt that she needs to create her own space and ideology in the world of modeling where faces are prioritized more than the skills and success. She represents multiple brands across the states.

“Don`t be afraid of walking slow but be afraid of standing still”, is her mantra for success. She humbly appreciates everyone who has put into their tremendous support in achieving the height of success, she stands today. Reena believes every day is a new beginning and she has always something to learn new. All these skills she possesses at the moment are just a few to list for her. She wants to add more and grow more with time.


just not about-face and physique

She feels modeling is just not about-face and physique. One can be a model at all stages. The most important thing one should be very clear about modeling is you should know what message you want to carry with you for the audiences. Having that said, Reena has been very successful in it. With titles like Ms. Photogenic Asia Washington USA 2019 and Ms. Infinity America 2020 – 21 in her bag, Today she has more than hundreds of agencies wanting to work with her, be it a cover page or simply a photo shoot for the spread.

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a dreamer and a rule breaker

Having been born and raised in a simple family in the East of Nepal, Reena was never an entrepreneurial child, but she was always a dreamer and a rule breaker. Reena`s dive into entrepreneurship was prompted by opportunity and necessity. Her distiguished approach made her entrepreneurial ventures different and appealing.

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IT Professional

an active IT professional

She not only studied Information Technology and possess the degree but also an active IT professional. She is still a full-time IT job holder. She was always an admirer of new technology and fascinated towards it. When she found a chance to study Information Technology, she was more than happy and grabbed the opportunity. She advocates about integration of IT in every possible professional activities and believes that will be a gamechanger.

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She preaches what she practices

She preaches what she practices. She is also taking a new wave as an influencer. With thousands of followers, people are very much interested in learning about how she manages different phases of life when people are struggling to manage one. Her qualification and skills in IT have helped her to a point to reach all those audiences globally. She writes blogs, takes in messages through various media, and inspires everyone to smell the success. Success comes in different forms and we must be able to perceive it well.

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mother of a newborn child

A mother of a newborn child, Reena has time for everything that fits in her life. She believes nothing is impossible if you dream and work hard to achieve it. She is a busy mother, but not busy for her child. She is breaking the rules and showing everyone how can you enjoy motherhood along with your professional life without being destracted from your career goals.

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